Brad Maloney: What the scouts look for

Want to get spotted by a scout? You could a take leaf from what Malaysian assistant coach Brad Maloney looks for when scouting for Ong Kim Swee’s team.

“A scout looks at many things ranging from ability, teamwork, attitude and discipline – both on and off the ball,” the Australian tells FourFourTwo.

“Among the things include being comfortable on the ball, being able to recover quickly from losing the ball, being effective going forward, (have) outstanding ability, pace, technique, competitiveness height and strength.

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“There are no set requirements and often you need to have a good balance of attributes. We observe how players react in different situations, as decision making is vital.

“Coaches will always want to know the attitude and discipline of the player too. You can see it from matches but you get to know them better when you have them in the squad together.

“Players will probably show their weaknesses sooner than a strength because that is the nature of things but what we see is how many times a players gets things right. Consistency is key.

“Professional football is all about a high percentage of execution. The best execute above 90 per cent of passes, shots, tackle, etc. A 60-70 percentage won’t cut it,” the former Perth Glory midfielder concluded.

“A big focus of the spectators are on the goal scorers but we scouts come with broader mind and look at players in all positions.

“A good defender is as valuable as a good finisher, and a player should always be a team player.”

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