Don't dwell on it

Focus on what you can change, not the red card decision, 
says West Brom’s peak performance coach, Tom Bates
“Train and prepare for all eventualities. Having a plan for every situation allows you to flick a switch and go into automatic response mode.

You will then be able to deal with the situation and focus on how you can win with 10 men. There’s no point wasting energy worrying about what’s happened – ‘was the referee right?’ – as it’s destructive.

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Focus on the things you can affect: staying tight to your man, supporting the attack, breaking down the play in midfield.

In this situation you want 10 captains out on the pitch. Everyone has to encourage and organise.

This is empowering and builds a sense of togetherness. Then make sure you celebrate every small victory out on the pitch with vocal support.

Remember, every successful minute you spend as 10 men is an extra minute that frustration grows in the opposition. Celebrate those check points – 60 minutes, 70 minutes, 80 minutes and so on.”

How to win with 10 men

Your psychotic team-mate has just seen red. What to do? Stay calm and channel FFT’s experts

Match them tactically
Get focused
Give yourself a boost

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