Five top tips to help you doze

Struggling to drop off? Manchester United, Arsenal and England sleep coach Nick Littlehales will soon have you catching zzzzzzzzs...

C’mon you whites!

“Some of us need ‘white noise’ to get into a soporific state. It can be the whirr of a fan or air-con unit, or interference found between radio stations – a consistent low-frequency tone that creates a feeling of security and comfort.”

Get positional sense sorted

‘Foetal’ is the natural sleep position, though you may find it reduces toss and turn if you sleep opposite to your dominant side. “This relieves muscle tension built up through activities using the side you favour most,” says Littlehales.

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Welcome to the cheap sheets

Inexpensive, easy-dry sheets are a vital sleep pattern purchase. “Most top athletes have half a dozen sets,” says Littlehales. “This ensures they get the psychological relaxation that comes with getting into a bed made with fresh sheets.”

Bottled water... but not to drink

Your room a bit too hot for comfort? A bottle of iced water is ideal for instantly reducing the temperature of a room, and specifically the bed. Place the bottle in front a fan, pull back the bed clothes and let the cool air flow on to the bed.

Keep it in the shade

“Ideal bedroom temperature is between 16 and 18 degrees,” says Littlehales. “On hot days keep the room shaded and the bed stripped to avoid a temperature build-up.” Getting into a cooler bed induces a better quality of sleep.

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