Fraizer Campbell: Come back stronger, faster, fitter

Returning from injury? Stay patient and hit those targets, advises Crystal Palace's hotshot

“Having suffered a long-term injury, I’m struggling to stay positive. How do you remain upbeat and come back stronger?”
Paul Arrowsmith, via Twitter

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Fraizer Campbell says:

“You’ve got to have good people around to help you get through it. Then concentrate on setting yourself little targets so it doesn’t seem like you’re that far away from achieving something.

This gives you the opportunity to achieve regular goals, rather than thinking, ‘I’ve done three weeks, I’ve got another five months to go.’

When you’re close to returning make sure you don’t rush back. I had to tell myself, ‘You’ve been out for 18 months, so don’t waste your hard work on playing too early’.

Before I played my first game back I concentrated on the positives, rather than questioning whether I’d be able to play at the same level. I was thinking, ‘I’m so excited to be back again, I can’t wait to play’.

I’ve got a big scar on my leg which reminds me what I’ve been through. Every day I work hard to condition my muscles to reduce injury risk.”

Fraizer wears the Adidas British Team kit, designed by Stella McCartney for London 2012. Adidas are the official kit provider for Team GB and ParalympicsGB. #takethestag

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