Getting sharp is as easy as A, B, C

Use the alphabet drill to leave your opponents rooted to the spot, says Performance enhancement specialist, Nick Grantham

Set up

Mark out a rectangle with 12 slalom poles. Make sure there’s 5 yards between each of the poles.

The Drill

The coach calls out a letter of the alphabet and the player completes the course in the shape of that letter (example shown is Y). The player sprints forward to third pole and cuts left to the top left pole, before cutting back 180 degrees and sprinting to the third pole and then to the top right pole. The drill can finish at this point or you can get the player to run back to the starting point.

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The coach can dictate how the players move between the cones – sprint, backpedal, forward jockey, backward jockey etc and how they turn – roll off the marker, sprint and cut etc. You can progress the drill further by instructing the player to use a ball and execute a shot or a pass at the end of the course.

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