Great feet of endurance

Boost power and combat heavy winter pitches with help from sports podiatrist Simon Miles


“This exercise strengthens your calf muscles and the flexor hallucis – the unknown powerhouse of the foot,” says Miles. Roll up a towel and place it under the toes so they’re raised. Then perform your calf raises as normal. Start with two feet, progress to one. Do three sets of 10 reps, twice a day.

Create a powerhouse

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“The tibialis posterior muscle is vital for explosive sports as it lowers and raises the arch of the foot,” says Miles. Stand with the arch of the foot along the edge of a step, the big toe and half the heel hanging off. Tilt the foot inwards as far as possible and raise the arch as far as you can. Do ten reps of three sets, twice a day.

Add dynamite to your feet


“This exercise acts on the lumbrical muscles, which add strength to the forefoot,” says Miles. “It gives power and stability during sprinting, stopping and turning.” Sit with your foot across your other knee, keep the big toe raised and flex your other toes up and down. Continue until you feel fatigued.

Fire up your feet

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