Have you got happy feet?

Three simple ways to treat your tootsies, courtesy of Derby County podiatrist Simon Miles

Get the mechanics right

“Keep the toenails short and smooth. Also avoid ill-fitting boots – they will change foot mechanics and raise your risk of injuries,” advises Miles. “Tape up sensitive areas of your foot – it can act as another layer, so that your socks move against the tape, not against your skin. Apply inflexible and smooth textured tapes, with a little tension.”

Iron out the creases

“Massage your feet with a Pediroller, which is specially designed to manipulate the underside of the foot,” says Miles. “If you freeze it beforehand, it adds an anti-inflammatory aspect to your massage. Alternatively, use a cold can of drink or a tennis ball. Keeping the muscles loose will guard against potential tears while allowing the big toe to propel you forward.”

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Soften them up

“Training in harsh conditions can remove moisture from our feet,” explains Miles. “Use urea-based creams to put moisture back into the skin and prevent hardening that can tear away, exposing nerve endings. The body tries to counter this pain by changing the way you run – that can lead to muscle tears in the feet.”

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