Inside the physio's bag

What does a football physio keep in his bag? Swindon Town's magic spongeman, Dick Mackey, unzips and gives us a peek

Swindon Town FC's physio, Dick Mackey, reveals that he needs more than just a magic sponge to patch up a modern-day footballer. Here's what in his bag...

1. Towel

Clears wounds or soaks up blood. 

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2. Bandages

Cohesive bandages are useful for head injuries, along with absorbent and non-absorbent dressings. With any luck, they stay on! 

3. Underwrap

It’s like a red thin tape you put underneath a player’s strapping to avoid chaffing and friction. 

4. Petroleum jelly

This isn’t ideal because you have to lather it on a wound and things can get stuck in there, making it difficult if sutures are needed. But most things you do during a game are a quick fix. As long as you allay any immediate fears and get a player going again, you’ve done your job. 

5. Medical gloves

These are a must, according to the FA. I suppose they do protect physios from the threat of Hepatitis B, because we do have to mess around with blood. I’d expect one pair to last a game, but then it depends on the injuries you have to treat.

6. Tape

Players are a bit over-obsessive about tape. I carry it mainly for the substitutes to use before they go on.

7. Water

We don’t use the old ‘magic sponge’ anymore, but water can have a slight anaesthetic effect as well as wash the affected area after a player has been crocked. 

8. Airway

You hope you never have to use one as they’re only useful if a player is unconscious. It would have to be fairly catastrophic to have to get the airway out during a game. 

9. Cotton plugs

These are very important. They soak up blood from a player’s nose. They’re not a million miles away from tampons –  which are also very good – but with these you simply smear them with petroleum jelly and slide them in. A player’s blood flow during a game is much quicker so, if they’re injured, they bleed profusely and it can be difficult to stop the flow. 

10. Contact lenses

There’s nothing more embarrassing than a player losing a lens and you having to try and find it on the pitch! So I carry lenses and saline solution. 

11. Smelling salts

They can cause temporary blindness, so I wouldn’t use them on an unconscious player. Some lads use them for a ‘little kick’ pre-match.

12. Vapour rub

Loads of players put this on their shirts; it helps them breathe more easily. It’s a decongestant, although I think some players wear it out of habit, for comfort almost. 

13. Drinks

I always carry fluids. When I go on, it can be the one chance a player gets to take something on board. 

14. Ice

You can get thermal ice packs, but I prefer the real thing. I leave Deep Heat in the dressing room to keep the bag light and minimalist.

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