Jamie Cureton: Stay sharp in your 30s

Veteran Football League poacher, Jamie Cureton, on adapting your game for your late-30s

“If you’re a decent size you could try to become more of a targetman, but because I’m not the biggest, it’s been very hard for me to play much differently as I’ve got older.

“If anything, I play more on the shoulder because although I’m still quick over the first five yards, I haven’t got the long-distance pace to get away from defenders if I start my runs further out. I’m offside more often, but because I play on the shoulder, I know that if I do get through, I’m in.

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“One thing you could do is make sure you play as centrally as you can, preferably between the two centre-backs.

“That way, your runs will be in on goal, instead of expending energy running down the channels, which is much easier to do when you’re younger.

“As you get older it’s about using your brain more: making sure you make the right runs in the right areas. But stick to your game – it’s probably too late to change!”

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