Joe Hart: Off-season training for goalkeepers

Make sure you add inches to your leap and not your waist by staying in shape this summer with advice from Manchester City and England goalkeeper, Joe Hart

1 Always be ready to play

With the way football is today – and I can only speak for myself – even when I’m on holiday I still look after myself. I like to feel like I’m ready to play at all times. You don’t want to go back after a massive holiday out of shape and trying to get fit. Pre-season is about getting sharp, it’s not for getting fit because we are fit, that’s part of our job.

2 Hit the gym, make a splash

Goalkeepers can only get the sharpness back by playing football, but you can still stay fit. To keep myself in good physical shape I work in the gym. I’m not a big runner, which is probably why I’m in goal. I quite like to swim and stuff like that – things that are not too tough on the joints.

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3 Follow a balanced diet

I follow a balanced diet throughout the season. I’m never going to live like a monk, you can treat yourself within reason. Our diet is built around game day. You load up when you’ve worked harder and you lay off when you haven’t worked so hard. That’s how I work.

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