Mend your team in 90 seconds

Watch, assess and test: Bolton head physio Andy Mitchell explains how to treat to an injured player and have him back in the action in under two minutes. Magic sponges at the ready...

Keep a close eye on the game

Working pitch-side, it’s vital you see the injury as it occurs. Seeing the point of impact will give you an idea of what body part has been damaged and whether it was a light or heavy impact. You may already have an idea of how to treat the injury based on the challenge or fall. A quick tip to staying on top of all injuries: when you can, watch the play a few seconds behind the flow of the ball to check how players get up after tackles. If they look like they’re struggling, you know you need to be ready at the next break in play. 

Clear the scene and communicate

The team may be crowding the injured player – often out of concern – but you need to make space by moving them away. This enables the player to breathe and gives you room to work without the distraction of everyone else around you. Trying to work while surrounded by a crowd can mean you’re in the shade and unable to see the injured area properly. Once you’ve cleared everyone, talk to the player to clarify exactly where he’s been injured. If he can communicate clearly, you know he’s not suffering from a serious injury.

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Assess the damage

Examine the affected area. Check for deformities, cuts, swelling and abrasions. Touch the area for indications of pain and irregularities. Ask the player to bend and straighten the affected joint or muscle. You can assist with these exercises, which will also give you a feel for how the player is moving.

Final test

Send the player on a light jog and see if they can perform twisting movements and jumps. If they’re still struggling replace them with a substitute and give them a thorough examination off the pitch. This whole process should take no more than 90 seconds to three minutes if done properly.

All patched up

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Getting back into the game...

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