Michael Owen: Prowl the box like a fox

Work on your positioning and the chances will surely come, insists the predatory marksman

“I’m going through a lean patch in front of goal and just can’t seem to be in the right place at the right time in the box. Can you help me?”
Andy Hunt, via email

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Michael Owen says:

“Scoring is based on instinct but there are things you can work on, like picking up a position where defenders can’t see you.

I always loiter behind them until I see our wide man beat his opponent. It’s important to be on your toes because at this point, when he’s about to cross, I dart across my marker to meet the ball.

By making a diagonal run you’ll stay onside, but your momentum is taking you towards the goal and that makes you hard to mark.

If the defender is in your sight already, you might fake to go near post, but go back post to make room for yourself. It’s also key to observe what the keeper does.

If he often goes to ground, can you dink it over him? Or if he stands up, go around him. Try and find weaknesses.

For example, Peter Schmiechel used to do the starfish and then he started getting nutmegged because he left such a big gap between his legs.”

Owen wears the Umbro Speciali 3 – a contemporary take on the classic style boot. See umbro.com

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