Mikel Arteta: Bouncebackability

From being dropped to suffering a bad run of form - learn how to recover these setbacks and more with advice from Arsenal's Mikel Arteta
Bouncebackability n (especially in sport) the capacity to recover quickly from a setback: promotion-chasing sides need to show the requisite bouncebackability after defeat

Iain Dowie first used the word when he was manager of Crystal Palace.

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The former Northern Ireland striker invented the term when describing his team’s resolve after they equalised against Arsenal.

The word eventually found its way into the Oxford English Dictionary.

In the unforgiving world of football bouncebackability is an essential weapon in a player’s psychological armoury.

During his career Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta has suffered his fair share of setbacks, but his strong metal resolve has helped the Spaniard establish himself as one of the Premier League’s most dangerous playmakers.

Here he explains how bouncebackability has helped him overcome the difficult situations football has thrown at him.

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