Nicklas Bendtner: Forge unbreakable confidence

You need brassbound faith in order to strut around the pitch like a boss, says Lord Bendtner

“I really struggle 
with self-belief 
and this affects my performance. How 
do you play with such swagger, Nicklas?”

Javier Rivera, via Twitter

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Nicklas Bendtner

“I judge my own game a lot. 
If I don’t score or set up a goal, then in general I’m very upset. But by the time I’m back at training the next day or next week, I am motivated to do better. It is important not to dwell on the past.

I have respect for all of the defenders I play against and 
accept that sometimes it’s not going to be my day, just like sometimes it won’t be their day. 
I try and get over things quickly – even if I get annoyed with myself. 

Confidence is a mindset. There will be people in your life who are jealous; who try to get you down. But you will find people who want to make you better, and I’ve come to the decision that if I believe in myself, I will be stronger for it. 

It’s like religion – people keep their faith no matter what. I tell myself that if I don’t believe in my ability when I play football, I don’t have as big a chance of succeeding. It’s important to be on your toes and stay humble, and keep believing it will happen.”

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