Paul Robinson: Prepare for pre-season

Make the most of pre-season with advice from Blackburn Rovers' number one Paul Robinson
When the final whistle blows on the last game of the season, it’s party time for goalkeepers.

Fenced in by their penalty area they don’t need to worry about covering eight miles during a game or making a series of 40-60 yards sprints over the course of 90 minutes.

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Guardians of the goalposts can put their feet up, smoke Cuban cigars, sip cocktails and gorge on paella.

Wrong. Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper Paul Robinson insists the days of returning to pre-season resembling a lager guzzling darts player are over.

The former England goalkeeper says fitness throughout the season is imperative and going back to pre-season in shape is just as important.

Here’s Robinson’s guide to ensuring your return to the training pitch fitter than your outfield counterparts….

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