She sings when you're winning

So how can Rihanna make you a better footballer? Allow FFT Performance to explain all
Boots? Check. Shin pads? Check. Personalised backing track for your pre-match motivational technique? Eh?

According to a new study by sports psychologists at Keele University, listening to your favourite tracks before kick-off can boost match performance and your enjoyment of even the most gruelling training sessions.

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Tracks by Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters, as well as Eminem’s Lose Yourself, proved to be winners among footballers taking part in the trial, which aimed to go a step further than the current belief that music generally can raise output during exercise.

“By playing their own favourite tunes, participants’ exertion levels were reduced while their sense of being ‘in the zone’ increased,” says study author Dr Alex Lamont.

“So, if you are a Rihanna fan, for example, putting on her latest album could boost your performance and reduce perceived effort before competing.”

Footballers made up one of three groups that were tested, with each group assessed before and during training, and before competitions, with and without their favourite music.

Players used MP3 players to listen to their playlists in a focused way – and no doubt prevent team-mates from discovering who’s the Rihanna fan in the dressing room.

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