Soup up your sprint speed

Make sure your body and mind can find top speed when it matters most, thanks to this drill from Premier League conditioning coach, Jamie Velocity

Speed reigns supreme on the pitch. And we’re not just talking about running speed. We’re talking about speed of thought.

If you’re brain is able to process situations faster, it can fire messages to your muscles quicker, enabling you to react sooner. In short, you’ll be a step head of the rest.

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To get you motoring, we enlisted the help of Premier League conditioning, Jamie Reynolds.

Reynolds, who works with Darren Bent, has devised a drill that works your response time, acceleration, sprint speed and finishing. Four for the price of one.

Hit play, check it out and then get yourself down to the local park to try it out.

Reynolds is the founder of Velocity Training Club. For more information visit and follow @jamie_velocity

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