1 January 2018
Mereka lantang dan mereka bangga dengannya. FFT menyenarai pendek kumpulan penyokong paling fanatik di Asia...
18 November 2017
It’s the ultimate act of betrayal, but a small number of players have done the unthinkable and put the ball into their own net on purpose
23 October 2017
They're loud and they're proud. FFT picks out Asia's most die-hard groups of supporters...
10 March 2017
These 10 stands are very famous and very loud ‒ so loud they can put the opposing team under pressure, force them to play poorly and, more often than not, leave tasting defeat. Here are FourFourTwo’s 10 most iconic stands in world football…
11 January 2014
Lions XII recorded a 1-0 win against PSS Sleman to round off their three-game Indonesian trip on a victorious note.
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