16 February 2018
Just one dream job wasn’t enough for these 41 multitaskers, who have been both players and full-time managers in the Premier League
15 February 2018
From the four-time winner to the eight footballers with one precious title victory, it’s every African player to own a Premier League winners medal
15 February 2018
It's the Premier League’s most lethal scoring combinations. We’ve given you the player grabbing the goals, but can you name the man setting each one up?
14 February 2018
Each of these clubs has escaped the group stage and made it to the business end of the Champions LEague in the post-1992 era. How many can you name?
9 February 2018
It’s every player who’s got on the scoresheet in the north London derby since the start of the 1992/93 season. Name these heroes/enemies…
9 February 2018
This lot are leading the way with bookings, the dirty sods – or perhaps they’ve just been around a long time. Either way, it’s time to name and shame...
7 February 2018
Nobody splurges the cash like our beloved Prem - but do you know the names behind each club’s biggest ever fees? 
6 February 2018
A Tottenham striker left it late this weekend, but he’s now in the exclusive club who’ve nabbed a century of goals in the Prem. Can you name the lot?
3 February 2018
Gareth Southgate take note: these are the Englishmen with 20+ goals across their Premier League careers
2 February 2018
How much attention have you been paying to the largest sums thrown around this January? Let’s find out…


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