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24 January 2018
Dirombak oleh Fergie pada awal 90-an, akademi remaja Old Trafford telah menghasilkan pemain-pemain hebat untuk United - dan ada juga sudah bersama kelab lain. 
26 October 2017
Revamped by Fergie in the early '90s, the Old Trafford youth academy produced terrific players for United – and beyond
Michael Carrick
14 July 2017
Michael Carrick is Man United's most decorated player but, Scott Patterson argues, there's little benefit to him wearing the captain's armband
18 March 2017
Republik of Mancunia's Scott Patterson explains that the Portuguese's relationship with a fan base is usually just a means to an end
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Bournemouth
7 March 2017
Sure, the Swede has been sensational at times this season, writes Republik of Mancunia’s Scott Patterson – but Jose Mourinho’s one-eyed outlook up front might well be holding his team back
7 February 2017
Manchester City fan Stephen Tudor has had his go; now Republik of Mancunia’s Scott Patterson fights back in the red corner
Wayne Rooney
23 November 2016
“Eh?!” you say. But wait, writes Republik of Mancunia’s Scott Patterson: United fans are rallying around their player in a manner unlike seasons gone by
7 November 2016
It's only been three years since the Scot's exit, but things are very different at Old Trafford. Thirty years on from his unveiling, Republik of Mancunia's Scott Patterson picks out some of the most significant alterations
Sir Alex Ferguson
7 November 2016
The Scot was announced as United boss 30 years ago today – but it's never been the same since he left. Scott Patterson of Republik of Mancunia suggests solutions to the Red Devils' current problems based on what their ex-esteemed leader might have done
4 October 2016
With a trip to Anfield up next, Scott Patterson reports on the unease felt among United supporters over ticketing at the club…