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Kevin Keegan
19 November 2016
As the two clubs prepare to horns at St Mary, so Richard Edwards takes a look at those who represented both sides of the divide
11 November 2016
Richard Edwards chats to the Toffees' ex-technical coordinator about coaching, young players and the Three Lions' failings
20 October 2016
Before the digital age, fans needed a land line and deep pockets to hear player and manager interviews, live commentary and transfer gossip – and occasionally got a foul-mouthed bonus...
20 September 2016
These days an English club hiring a manager from overseas is par for the course, but it wasn’t always thus. When Doug Ellis’s Villa made Dr Jozef Venglos the top flight’s first foreign gaffer in 1990, nobody knew quite what to make of him – including his baffled squad
27 August 2016
FIFA have never been keen on a piece of legislation which Rich Edwards believes suited both the Premier League's elite and the fourth-division's minnows...
20 August 2016
With Manchester United having taken on Southampton in the latest new television slot this week, Richard Edwards examines the gradual shift away from 3pm kick-offs on a Saturday
19 August 2016
Twenty years ago, the Geordie general kicked a first ball for his hometown team. He tells FFT what it really was like making it home the long way around, and about everything else in between...
17 August 2016
Joao Havelange’s unseating of Sir Stanley Rous as FIFA President in 1974 precipitated a period of politics, pound signs and power struggles
25 June 2016
In 2012, the 32-year-old shot-stopper directed the music video for his homeland’s Eurovision Song Contest entry. He’s a bit busier this year… 
13 May 2016
Claudio Ranieri has consigned his Tinkerman tag to history by defying all expectations this season, so, Richard Edwards asks, is this the beginning of a new era of settlement?