15 March 2018
Coaches being ‘rested’ is all-too common in Malaysian football. But do any of them actually return from their enforced leave or does it prove to be the end of the road? FourFourTwo took a closer look at the unusual practice…
14 March 2018
Foreign players come and go a lot in Malaysia, but there are those that stick around and go on to turn out for a number of clubs, becoming big successes. FourFourTwo lists five players that had four or more clubs in the domestic leagues...
22 January 2018
Singapura berpisah dari Malaysia pada 9 Ogos 1965, namun hubungan bola sepak antara kedua-dua negara seakan sukar dipisahkan sejak dari zaman Piala HMS Malaya pada 1921. Selepas Singapura keluar dari Liga M pada 1995, kembali semula sebagai Lions XII di era Liga Super pada 2013 dan sekali lagi keluar pada 2016, masih terdapat beberapa pemain republik itu yang menyertai pasukan negeri dan kelab di Malaysia. 
25 November 2017
Time stands still for no one. The need for evolution was not going to stop the demolition of even Singapore’s most celebrated venue...
7 November 2017
It is a statistic that makes for ugly reading, but near-neighbours Singapore and Malaysia are both staring at the very real possibility of going the entire calendar year of 2017 without a victory. We've analysed the two teams and asked the question - is there any hope?
11 October 2017
When the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) announced the 2019 Asian Cup was expanding from 16 teams to 24, in Southeast Asia there was great hope that an expanded tournament would mean more teams from the region competing in Asia’s showpiece tournament.
20 September 2017
Local football legend Aleksandar Duric did not mince his words on the state of Singaporean football, the imminent cut of funding for the S.League and his belief privatisation is needed for the sport to make progress.
19 September 2017
A significant number of Malaysia Super League (MSL) titles have won by foreign coaches, most of whom had excellent squads at their disposal. FourFourTwo takes a look at five of the most successful foreign coaches in Malaysia since the MSL’s inception in 2004.
12 September 2017
FourFourTwo caught up with Nor Alam Shah at his ‘Striker Clinic’ this week as the fiery forward weighed in on the Lions' lack of goals over the past 12 months.
7 September 2017
As the Thais chased every ball against the Socceroos, the Lions ran out of puff against Turkmenistan. Singapore may have a smaller talent pool than their regional rivals, but there’s no excuse for being less fit, argues Neil Humphreys.


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