3 August 2017
Former Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham defender William Gallas has told FourFourTwo that the 'most special time' of his career in London came while at Stamford Bridge.
18 June 2017
Tottenham failed to reach the knockout stages of last season's Champions League, and William Gallas believes their youth was an issue.
29 May 2017
Terdapat beberapa nombor jersi yang dianggap ikonik dalam dunia bola sepak. Selebihnya ... cuma sekadar nombor biasa. Nombor-nombor ini dipilih secara rawak, tetapi mungkin atas dasar kepercayaan karut, kepentingan diri sendiri atau juga sebab-sebab peribadi. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh...
28 February 2017
It’s the ultimate act of betrayal, but a small number of players have done the unthinkable and put the ball into their own net on purpose
8 February 2017
Our next batch of expats includes five Arsenal stars and Newcastle's trumpet-wielding hero
9 November 2016
Tensions can occasionally boil over on the pitch, but Jake Conneely and Dan Steeden pick out a handful of figures who really threw their toys out of the pram
5 November 2016
William Gallas has revealed how Harry Redknapp inspired Totteham's famous 3-2 Premier League win over Arsenal.
24 June 2016
William Gallas believes Republic of Ireland will be seeking revenge over France at Euro 2016 due to Thierry Henry's 2009 handball.
26 May 2016
Claudio Ranieri achieved the unthinkable by leading Leicester City to Premier League glory, and William Gallas is proud of his former boss.
25 May 2016
Chelsea endured a miserable 2015-16 season, but William Gallas thinks Antonio Conte will bring success back to Stamford Bridge.


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