18 September 2017
Dia dilabel pemain yang hanya tahu menunjukkan kemahirannya, kemudian diberi layanan kurang baik oleh penyokong lawan tatkala kariernya di Old Trafford dalam keadaan terumbang-ambing. Tetapi selepas tiga musim di Manchester United pada 2006, Cristiano Ronaldo menjelmakan kebangkitan dan kematangan dalam kariernya. 
Robbie Fowler Liverpool
20 July 2017
How could it be that a goalscorer as prodigious as the Toxteth tyro remains so revered, yet also deemed a disappointment? Seb Stafford-Bloor recalls the season 'God' was outed as a Red
David Beckham
15 July 2017
From a swing of the boot at Selhurst Park to becoming one of the most famous footballers in history. Amit Katwala revisits the season that Beckham took off
Dennis Bergkamp Ajax
6 July 2017
Thirty years before last season’s resurgence, Ajax had a similar renaissance thanks to a teenage schoolboy. Yet it was a late plane flight that made the non-flying Dutchman’s career take off...
29 June 2017
A troubled exit from Brazil left the brilliant 21-year-old benched and fed up in France, yet the season ended with him in magical form and heading to the World Cup
Frank Lampard, Chelsea
22 June 2017
Three years after an £11m move from West Ham, Lampard was a fine midfielder but yet to prove himself a special one. Then a new gaffer swaggered into Chelsea...
Thierry Henry
15 June 2017
His slow start at Highbury is well known, but less so is just how close a doubt-riddled 22-year-old came to giving up on himself. By this season’s end, the only people throwing in the towel were opposition defenders
Ronaldo Barcelona
8 June 2017
How do you score 40 goals in 46 games, deliver major silverware and still end up disliked by all of those around you? Suffice to say, the brilliant Brazilian forward packed a lot into his solitary season at the Camp Nou
Cristiano Ronaldo
1 June 2017
He was branded a showpony, then a pariah, as his future at Old Trafford looked to be on the rocks. But in 2006, Cristiano Ronaldo strapped a rocket launcher to his career
Gareth Bale
26 May 2017
Ten years ago today, Spurs signed a 17-year-old Bale from Southampton. Fast-forward three seasons and he had narrowly escaped a move back to the Championship before this campaign that changed everything


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