Ballack expects two-horse race

Michael Ballack expects this season to be contested between the usual suspects Chelsea and Manchester United – but has acknowledged the heightened presence of other clubs this season. “It looks a little bit like a two-horse race but we don't underestimate anybody. Manchester City did well until now. Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool are all teams that can have a run any time of the season”. The midfielder also spoke of the confidence that Manchester United held, due to their dominance in English football over the past three seasons. “United have a lot of good years behind them with the Champions League win and three title wins in the Premier League, which will give them a lot of confidence”. Ballack, 32, is now in his third season at Chelsea and has noticed a marked improvement in the team’s mentality since the appointment of Carlo Ancelotti as manager over the summer. “He always tells us – you have to wait for your chance and you can see it now when they come, we are deadly. He gives the team a lot of confidence”.