Balotelli fined for provoking crowd

ROME - Inter Milan forward Mario Balotelli has been fined 7,000 euros for provoking opposition fans by clapping when he was substituted in the Serie A leaders' 1-0 win at Chievo Verona on Wednesday.

The Italy under-21 international, who is of Ghanaian descent and has frequently been the victim of racist abuse, caused a stir after the match by saying he was "disgusted" at the Verona crowd for booing as he went off.

However, while his club were fined 15,000 euros on Thursday by the sporting judge of the Italian Soccer League for racial abuse their fans directed at a Chievo player, the Verona outfit were not punished.

Balotelli apologised on his website for insulting the sections of the Verona crowd who "had nothing to do" with the booing.

He added that he was tired of hearing "racist slogans and boos" and that he was ashamed that Inter fans had abused Chievo's black Brazilian midfielder Luciano.