Banega's Ferrari burnt to a crisp

Ever Banega's run of bad luck on the road took a bizarre new twist on Monday when the Valencia playmaker's Ferrari caught fire and burned out near the La Liga club's training ground.

The Argentina international, who has only just returned from a broken ankle sustained in February when he failed to set the handbrake in his car and it rolled over his foot, was unharmed in the latest incident, a Valencia spokesman said.

The vehicle that caught fire on Monday was a brand new Ferrari worth around 250,000 euros, the spokesman added, and pictures carried in local media showed only the front part of the car remained unscathed with the rest, including the passenger cabin, burnt to a black crisp.

The blaze seemed to have been caused by some sort of short circuit, the spokesman said. Ferrari is a high-performance sports car brand owned by Italian automaker Fiat.