Beckham fined for fan altercation

NEW YORK - England midfielder David Beckham has been fined $1,000 by Major League Soccer (MLS) after an incident with a fan in Sunday's friendly between Los Angeles Galaxy and AC Milan. "We support our players interacting with fans, whether it is at clinics, charity events or by high-fiving their supporters in the stands while celebrating a goal," MLS commissioner Don Garber said in a statement on Friday. "However, our players should never engage in conduct that can be interpreted as encouraging fans to come out of the stands and on to the field, regardless of the reason." Beckham was booed by some of his own Galaxy fans during the game and before half-time went over to confront them, with one supporter being removed from the ground after jumping from the stands towards the player. The midfielder appeared to encourage the fan to come down to pitch level by gesticulating with his hands. Some Galaxy supporters have objected to Beckham's decision to miss the first half of the MLS season for an extended loan spell with Milan. Beckham has said he hopes to repeat the loan deal once the MLS season is over.