Bees swarm junior game in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO - A swarm of bees forced the referee to halt a junior match in Brazil.

Referee Andrea Amorim was one of the principal targets of the bees that swarmed onto the pitch about half an hour into the game, a curtain-raiser for the professional seniors in a Pernambuco state championship match on Sunday.

"At first, I thought it might be some kind of ploy by our opponents (to get the match suspended) since we were losing 1-0," said coach Sergio China whose Nautico side were playing away to Ypiranga-PE in Santa Cruz do Capiperibe.

"But when the referee dived to the ground I saw it was really serious. She was the most attacked, perhaps because of her (yellow) shirt," China was quoted as saying by local media Globo on their sports website.

"We didn't get an explanation (for the bee attack) but we'd only have tried to find out why if the game had been cancelled," said China, adding none of his players were stung.

Amorin resumed the match and China's team hit back to win 3-1.