Bundesliga sets attendance record

BERLIN - German fans flocked to stadiums to set a Bundesliga attendance record for the first half of the season, the German football league (DFL) said on Thursday.

The 153 matches had an average attendance of 42,115 fans, a five percent rise on the same period last season, it said.

"The Bundesliga remains a magnet for fans," said DFL managing director Christian Mueller in a statement.

"With more than 42,000 spectators per game, the Bundesliga remains the strongest league in the world in terms of spectators.

"The factors leading to this success are suspense until the very last matchday, balanced teams, as well as comfortable, modern stadiums and family-friendly ticket prices."

The second-tier competition (Bundesliga 2) saw a slight dip, recording an average of 15,052 spectators per match in the first part of the season, 217 fewer than the previous year.

The Bundesliga resumes this weekend after a three-week winter break.