Champions League success worth £98.7m

Europe’s top clubs have each pocketed an average of £34.39 million for reaching the knockout stage of the UEFA Champions League, according to new research commissioned by, Official Sponsor, MasterCard. This figure rises to as much as £41.27 million in extra revenue for sides with the largest fan bases, such as Manchester United and Barcelona.   The study, on behalf of MasterCard, also suggests the team that goes all the way to the Rome final on May 27 and lifts the trophy could make up to £98.69 million in the process, the financial injections coming via a UEFA participation payment; UEFA prize money; a share of UEFA commercial revenues from the tournament (market pool payment); ticket sales; commercial and marketing revenues, including sponsorship and sales of merchandise, food and beverages; and increased squad value. “In uncertain economic times, sport’s universal appeal remains strong, making it one of the most lucrative industries to be involved in," said Professor Simon Chadwick, one of the world’s leading sport business experts who conducted the research for MasterCard. "The competition continues to be an  important source of revenue and commercial activity for clubs, especially for those that qualify for the knockout phase of the competition.   “This inevitably makes a significant contribution to the annual turnover of the clubs involved. Moreover, revenues earned from UEFA Champions League football will be especially important to clubs as the moment, given difficult operating conditions across the world.”   UEFA awards £2.68 million to each team that qualifies for the UEFA Champions League, plus £2.15 million for participating in the Group stage. A Group stage win was worth over £530,000 per game, or £268,000 for a draw, meaning a side qualifying for the knockout phase will have secured on average £8.4 million in UEFA prize money alone. UEFA will make additional payments to Group stage teams dependent on the commercial success of the tournament, which the MasterCard report suggests could amount to approximately £8.4 million per club. The study also suggests ticket revenues have generated an average of £7.64 million in income from the Group stage, with commercial and marketing revenues accounting for a further £5.36 million on average and squad values increasing by an average of £4.47 million on the back of qualification for the knockout phase.   UEFA prize money adds £2.2 million for each quarter-finalist, £2.68 million for each semi-finalist, £3.57 million for the runners-up and £6.26 million for the winners.   According to the MasterCard study, the side that lifts the UEFA Champions League trophy in Rome in May 2009 could earn up to a total of £19.5 million in prize money, an expected £8.4 million market pool payment, £17.84 million in ticket revenues, £12.5 million in commercial and marketing revenues, £13.4 million in increased squad value, and up to £26.8 million in other premiums associated with progression to the Final and victory, including bonus payments linked to sponsorship.