City let Bellamy off

Mark Hughes has given Craig Bellamy the all clear concerning his run-in with the fan that invaded the pitch during Sunday’s derby. “My take on the situation was basically Craig wasn't privy to how much time was going to be left to enable us to get back into the game at that point, so he obviously wanted the guy to get off as quickly as possible and told him so.” The ex-Manchester United striker excused his countryman’s behaviour as self-defence, citing the unpredictability of the fan as the reason for Bellamy taking action. “The guy's made an aggressive movement towards him and my view – and Craig's view – is that he's just put up a defensive hand and pushed the guy away, which I think he was right to do because you're never quite sure what is going to happen in those situations.” However, City still haven’t been contacted by the FA regarding the incident and when they do, Hughes intends to give them the same explanation as he gave the press. “That's the top and bottom of it. We haven't been contacted by the FA at this moment in time but if they do contact us that's what we'll say. "At the time, it wasn't something that was really highlighted immediately. The circumstances of the game may have clouded that, but in the context of the game it was an incident that was something and nothing – and that's how we viewed it." Hughes also confirmed that he will not be taking any action against the fourth official that he was seen complaining to at the end of the match.