Coritiba fans told to wear flu masks

RIO DE JANEIRO - Fans attending Coritiba's match against Santos in the city of Cascavel in the southern state of Parana on Tuesday were being ordered to wear anti-H1N1 flu masks or be turned away. Judge Giani Maria Moreschi turned down a request from a state prosecutor for the suspension of the Brazilian championship match at the Olimpico Regional and ordered the masks to be handed out at the stadium entrances, Coritiba said on their website. "All the fans are obliged to wear a mask or the organisers of the match will be fined 300,000 Brazilian reais ($165,200)," a spokeswoman for the judge said. The flu strain has taken 25 lives in Parana state, reports on Tuesday said. Coritiba had to move the match to Cascavel, 500 km from their Couto Pereira stadium in the state capital Curitiba, owing to a "home" suspension after trouble at their derby with Atletico Paranaense last month.