Cunning Colombian banned after admitting dive

BOGOTA - A Colombian player has been suspended after he publicly admitted diving while his opponent, who was sent off in the incident, has been given a reprieve. Santa Fe goalkeeper Agustin Julio was dismissed for allegedly fouling Millonarios forward Carmelo Valencia during Sunday's derby. However, Valencia later admitted he faked the foul and said: "Football is for the cunning, not for suckers." The Colombian league Dimayor said on its website that Valencia would be banned for one game and Julio's automatic one-match suspension had been lifted. "The evidence which has been analysed clearly showed that the goalkeeper of Santa Fe made no contact with Carmelo Valencia and it is therefore a case of simulation which induced the referee into making a mistake," said Dimayor. "The disciplinary commission believes it appropriate to restore his (Julio's) sporting integrity and nullify the sending off."