FIFA to mull over extra refs and sin-bins

BELFAST - A sin-bin for yellow card offenders and extra match officials to monitor the penalty box will come under the scrutiny of FIFA's rule makers on Saturday. The International Football Association Board (IFAB) meeting in Belfast will assess whether extra linesmen at each end of the pitch can help alert referees to fouls or diving, avoiding the need for potentially disruptive video replays. UEFA chief Michel Platini and FIFA president Sepp Blatter both favour such an approach instead of video replays like those used in rugby when the referee is unsure whether a try has been scored. The IFAB, the guardians of football's rules comprising the four British associations and four FIFA representatives, will also look at the merits of adopting rugby's sin-bin for players booked for a foul. The board is planning to consider an increase from three to four substitutes when a match goes to extra-time and a plan to extend halftime to 20 minutes. In addition it will look at a clarification of the wording of the offside rule to erase any doubt that even if a player drops behind the goalline, for whatever reason, he is still active as far as offside is concerned.