Giant vuvuzela waits for council go-ahead

CAPE TOWN - A giant vuvuzela on an unfinished fly-over in Cape Town fitted with a lorry horn has yet to sound a note during the World Cup after its operators clashed with city authorities over noise levels.

Motor company Hyundai, which installed the 35-metre-long blue vuvuzela whose horn mechanism is activated by SMS, said authorities considered the sound so loud during tests it could disrupt passing traffic.

"At first we were hoping to sound it at the start of every match but now we've made a new application for approval for more limited use," said Francois Marais, a spokesman for Hyundai.

The vuvuzela could be used at least to celebrate any goals scored by South Africa during their last Group A game against France on June 22, he added.

Cape Town city authorities were not immediately available for comment.

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