Grondona blasts England in FIFA Congress

ZURICH - Argentine FA President Julio Grondona rounded on England during a speech to the FIFA Congress on Wednesday, saying the country appeared to harbour a grudge since 1974 when Stanley Rous lost the presidency of football's governing body to Joao Havelange.

Grondona, speaking in his capacity as head of FIFA's Finance Committee, also attacked British media, which he said "lies rather than telling the truth and this disturbs the (FIFA) family."

England's FA had proposed delaying FIFA's presidential election in light of a damaging corruption scandal that led to the suspension of two senior FIFA officials following cash-for-votes allegations.

Seventeen associations voted in favour of the proposal at the annual Congress while 172 voted against it, leaving incumbent Sepp Blatter to be re-elected unopposed later on Wednesday.

"It cannot be that the problems always come from the same side," said Grondona.

"Since 1974, things have changed and it seemed that this country didn't like it... now, we are in 2011 and they still seem to always have something to say.

"If you have proof, then show, but don't keep bothering us."

He also labelled Britain as privileged "because they have four national teams and none of the rest of us have anything".

England had caused problems "at every Congress I have been to," he added.