Hong Kong: Player admits to matchfixing

HONG KONG, May 8 (Reuters) - A former player in Hong Kong's top-flight has pleaded guilty to offering a bribe to an opponent to fix a match last year, local media reported.

Yu Yang, 27, who played for Happy Valley in the former British colony's First Division, told a Hong Kong court he had offered a bribe to a Fourway Rangers player to influence the result of the teams' match in October last year.

The player refused the offer and Rangers won the match 2-0.

Yang was one of five footballers arrested after Rangers reported the incident to Hong Kong football authorities.

The four other players had been released on bail.

Yang's case has been adjourned for sentencing until later this month.

The case follows a series of match-fixing scandals in neighbouring China that unfolded after officials demanded a clean-up of the game last year.