Hughes happy with jibes

Mark Hughes is adamant his side are more than “noisy neighbours”, but is happy with Sir Alex Ferguson’s jibes.

NEWS, Sun 21 Sep  “Noisy neighbours”

The Manchester City boss sees Fergie’s criticism as a sure sign that his club are being taken seriously, and are considered a threat to the “big four”.

“Maybe Sir Alex has attacked teams when they emerge as rivals, and if that is the perception of his agenda, then yes, we are comfortable with that.”

Ferguson was critical of Manchester City in the build-up to Sunday’s enthralling derby, deriding his rivals as a “small club with a small mentality”.

However, although Hughes realises it will take time for his side to establish themselves, he insists they will break up the top four soon.

“They know we are here to stay, they know we will have an influence on who wins the Premier League in years to come.

“We might not be in a position to win the league or even get in the top four for a number of seasons, but we will stop other teams from doing it.”