Ian Brown backs Tevez poster tweaks

Singer and Manchester United supporter Ian Brown has praised his fellow supporters, after they made their mark on Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez ‘Welcome to Manchester’ poster in the city centre. City have sought to rub salt in to the wounds of United fans upset at Tevez’s defection from red to blue with the poster. But Brown told Tim Lovejoy’s Channelbee that he’s pleased with the Reds supporters' reactive action to it: “Obviously as a United fan I don’t really like a ‘Welcome to Manchester’ sky-blue poster with our boy on it," he said.  "But I do like the red paint splatters that have been put on it!” Despite being a United fan, Brown admits he does not have any real animosity towards his local rivals adding: “You wont find me slagging off Man City. Most of my pals and family are City fans and I loved it in the 70s when United and City were first and second. As long as United are number one though, then I’m happy.” And Brown also revealed that he was surprised how long his favourite player, Cristiano Ronaldo, stayed at Manchester United... because of the English weather. “I feel lucky that we had him for six years," he said, "He was brought up in the heat of Madeira, so I feel lucky that we could keep him here, where it rains for that long!” For the full interview with Ian Brown go to channelbee.com FFT INTERVIEW: Ian Brown