"I’ve never seen prices this low": Some of the best TVs for watching World Cup 2022 are now in the Black Friday sales

TVs for watching football and soccer
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Watching the World Cup 2022 is an experience like no other, with four games being shown live on terrestrial television across the day, so having a TV worthy of the elite football happening in Qatar right now is essential.

Fortunately, there are some exceptional Black Friday deals on TVs at the moment, and we at FourFourTwo have done some digging on the best money-off offers so that you don't have to.

Luckily, many of the best TVs for watching football are in the sales at the moment – with some of them having hundreds of pounds chalked out their regular retail prices. We've spoken to tech experts at TechRadar (opens in new tab) and Tom's Guide (opens in new tab), who tell us that they've "never seen prices this low" on televisions

There are a range of TVs available across a variety of different price ranges, all with specific characteristics that will enhance the quality of football being shown while you're watching the World Cup. And, what better way to catch the remaining matches of the tournament than on a brand-spanking new screen snapped up for a huge saving.

It's worth noting, too, that TVs that excel for watching sport often also work great for gaming too – so check out our best Black Friday FIFA 23 deals, including this PS5 and FIFA 23 bundle that's now in stock at some retailers.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the action once you've picked up one of these TVs available in the Black Friday deals. 

Black Friday UK TV deals

LG C2 OLED (opens in new tab)

LG C2 | 36% off at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Was £1399.99 Now £899

A consistently effective option that earns every penny of its price tag, LG's 48in C2 has had a hefty 36 per cent discount placed on it for Black Friday - a deal that cannot be missed if you're in the market for updating your current screen. 

Powered by LG’s excellent webOS interface, this OLED model impresses across the board, with a picture that’s bright and punchy without looking unnatural, and Alpha 9 Gen 5 AI-powered picture-processing that promises improved contrast and detail. It also up-mixes stereo audio into virtual surround sound, so the England band should sound as inspiring/annoying as ever (delete as applicable). 

Sony X90J (opens in new tab)

Sony Bravia X90J | 32% off at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Was £2199 Now £1504.99 

While an expensive option, the broadcast coverage of the World Cup on this TV is exceptional. Of course, it is capable of upgrading standard HD to a 4K picture, but the OLED incorporated ensures the quality is unrivalled. 

A lovely 55in size also makes this TV perfect for watching every match on and making them look their best. Using much of the same tech as Sony’s more expensive screens, so you get a bright and punchy picture that controls contrast and motion as calmly as Zinedine Zidane receiving a Hollywood pass. It’s great at upscaling, too, which means it takes a high-def picture and fills in the gaps to make it look like 4K.  

Samsung QN85B (opens in new tab)

Samsung QN85B | 17% off at Very (opens in new tab)
Was £1199 Now £999

Games kicking off upon a backdrop of UK winter sun isn't an issue on this Samsung 55in TV. Using Samsung's Neo QLED technology, light is shined through tiny nanocrystals to produce the colours, meaning the picture can get much brighter without sacrificing contrast. Its excellent viewing angles also means its a great choice should you decide to have some friends over, with six speakers firing the sound out at different angles - everyone should be able to hear Ally McCoist's musings clearly as a result. Phew. 

Samsung AU7100 (opens in new tab)

Samsung AU7100 | 18% off at Hughes (opens in new tab)
Was £399 Now £329

Quite frankly, for the price, this Samsung AU7100 is impossible to beat, and is perfect for anyone on a tighter budget. While its picture quality is obviously not as impressive as the more expensive sets available for more extortionate prices, it’s still an accomplished performer, with clearly defined edges, plenty of detail and a nice subtle approach to colour. The 43in size means you won't lose out any space, too, while the motion is plenty smooth enough to make the action as immersive as possible. 

Black Friday US TV deals

We asked Louis Ramirez, Group Senior Editor, Deals at Tom's Guide (opens in new tab) whether they had any recommendations

"If ever you were going to buy a new TV, now is the time to do it. In my 15 years hunting for deals, I’ve never seen prices this low. 

"For instance, right now you can get a 48-inch LG OLED TV for $569 (opens in new tab) or a 55-inch OLED for $799 (opens in new tab) at Best Buy. Just last year these models would’ve cost $1,000 or more. If you’re going to buy now — go big. No one has ever complained from buying a big-screen TV. 

"At the very minimum you want 4K resolution and look for a 120Hz panel. The latter is great for sports and for gaming. If you’re on a budget, don’t be afraid of smaller brands like Hisense and TCL. Some of their TVs like the Hisense U8H (opens in new tab) and the TCL S546 (opens in new tab) offer tremendous value at half the cost of the Sony’s and LGs."

Here's our top recommendation:

Sony 48" A9S 4K OLED TV | Best Buy (opens in new tab)

Sony 48" A9S 4K OLED TV | Best Buy (opens in new tab)
Was $1,099 Now $799

This is what Tom's Guide's Black Friday TV deals round-up (opens in new tab) says: Get a gorgeous and compact Sony OLED with the 48-inch Master Series A9S Android TV. This 2020 model puts incredible picture quality into a size that's perfect for smaller rooms and gaming setups, but still delivers plenty of smarts, with Google Assistant and Chromecast built in.

What to look for in a TV

What makes a good TV for watching the World Cup 2022?

Just in case you don't trust FourFourTwo for your TV recommendations, we spoke to our office buddies over at TechRadar. Here's what TechRadar's Managing Editor for Entertainment Matt Bolton told us about how they approach their Black Friday TV guides (opens in new tab): "For the ideal World Cup TV, you need something with great motion processing, which will help clear up fast-paced action – get a 120Hz TV if you have the budget. 

"Sony TVs are especially good at this. OLED TVs are usually great with motion, although for watching during the day in a sunlit room, a mini-LED TV (such as Samsung's Neo QLED models) will be the best at beating reflections."

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