League chief: K-League better than internationals

SEOUL - The new chief of Korea's domestic football league wants fans to show greater support for the K-League games, saying they are of greater quality than international matches.

"Koreans are too focused on international games," Chung Mong-gyu told Dong-A Ilbo newspaper on Thursday as he stepped up as the ninth head of the league. "I'm personally convinced that the K-league has better games than international competition. Please pay more attention to the K-League."

Chung, who has been managing professional teams such as Ulsan Hyundai, Jeonbuk and Busan since 1989, said he intended to provide better service for the fans and help domestic clubs become financially independent in his three-year term.

"Clubs, players, coaches and coaching staff should be prepared to show good games to fans like a singer on stage," he said.

Chung is also looking to increase demand for sports content by introducing more channels and securing good broadcasting deals.

His predecessor Kwak Chung-hwan had stepped down earlier this month with one year left on his term, saying he was taking responsibility for declining attendance and television ratings, and for lacklustre corporate interest in the league.