Liverpool target new investors by end of season

MADRID - Liverpool are aiming to strike a deal with investors before the end of the season so they can get plans for a new stadium back on track, the club's managing director was quoted as saying on Tuesday.

The Premier League club have put plans to move from Anfield to a 60,000-seat arena at Stanley Park on hold pending an injection of funds and the new stadium is a key part of a plan to boost revenue and help them compete with richer rivals.

"When I arrived we agreed with the owners that we had to look for new investors," managing director Christian Purslow said in an interview with Spanish sports daily As.

"There are interested parties and I would like to get it sorted out before the end of this season," he added.

"Without investment there won't be a new stadium."

Purslow said the club would try to maintain the status quo if they did not manage to reach an agreement with new investors.

"That's plan B: run the club in the most responsible way possible," he told the newspaper.

"We are generating a healthy profit and meeting our obligations, while remaining competitive in the transfer market and with the wages we are paying."