Malaysia's 'headless chickens' plot revenge

KUALA LUMPUR - Still smarting from their 5-1 Group Stage loss to Indonesia, Malaysia's "headless chickens" cannot wait for Sunday's final of the AFF Cup.

The Malaysians were taught a football lesson in that December 1 group match of the Southeast Asian championships and centre-back Muslim Ahmad is leading a rallying cry for revenge in Sunday's first leg of the final in Kuala Lumpur.

"Nobody knew what hit us when we first played Indonesia. We were like headless chickens, running all over the place in disarray," he told Malaysia's New Straits Times.

"We did not know what game we were playing. But after that defeat, we were determined to rise again and reaching the final is our reward. But we still (have) an unresolved matter and we want to redeem ourselves for that embarrassing defeat," the 21-year-old added.

Muslim said the hosts would pay special attention to Indonesia's Uruguayan-born striker Cristian Gonzales and winger Oktovianus Maniani.

"Gonzales has the physical strength to trouble us while Okto has got the speed to easily go past players. We'll have to watch out for them," the Young Tigers defender said.