Mayor blames police after fan fires gun

BUENOS AIRES, May 6 (Reuters) - Police and stadium security staff should be held responsible for allowing a fan to smuggle a gun to a football match and fire seven shots into the air, the mayor of Argentine city Puerto Madryn said on Thursday.

The fan fired the shots from a 9mm pistol during Wednesday's third tier match between Deportivo Madryn and Huracan de Comodoro Rivadavia in response to his wife being hit by a rock thrown by visiting fans.

No one was injured from the shots, though the referee stopped the match and play was suspended for 15 minutes until police had escorted the fan from the ground.

"The law must intervene," mayor Carlos Eliceche told reporters on Thursday. "The police must give an explanation.

"Those responsible for security should answer for what happened. The club's directors are not the people responsible for body-searching those who enter the ground.

"This person should not have passed the entry control.

"This was a moment of madness by one person in a place where he should never have been and even less so with a weapon."