Mexicans will not moan about Donovan

MEXICO CITY - Mexico will not complain to CONCACAF about U.S. forward Landon Donovan having played against them on Wednesday while suffering from swine flu, Mexican media reported on Sunday. "We won't put forward any official protest because it's clear that if he had contact with his team mates they (the U.S.) are not (ignoring) it with the objective of harming someone," Mexico's national teams president Nestor de la Torre was quoted as saying. The U.S. federation announced on Friday Donovan had come down with mild symptoms of the H1N1 virus, having become aware of this when the team were back in the U.S. after losing 2-1 to Mexico in a CONCACAF region World Cup qualifier at the Azteca. Mexican players said on Friday Donovan had been irresponsible to have played. Mexico is among countries worst hit by the virus.