Mourinho hates media grilling in Serie A

MILAN - Jose Mourinho detests the endless media commitments after matches in Italy, said the Inter Milan coach. "For one hour I have to speak with the press and I hate it, I really hate it," the former Chelsea manager said in a television interview with Britain's Sky Sports. "I have to adapt due to the contractual situation (the clubs have with Italian media). I will never enjoy it though." Mourinho said he found it particularly tough to cope with the media demands in the early days after taking over the Serie A champions in June. "For me in the beginning it was a real moment of pressure, of disagreements (with reporters)," said the 45-year-old. "I was not happy to answer. I was tired but I have to do my job." Mourinho has made an excellent start to his Inter career, opening up a six-point lead at the top of Serie A after 17 games and setting up an exciting Champions League first knockout round clash with holders Manchester United in February and March. "I am very happy with the way things have gone," said the brash and confident coach. "I am really, really happy with Inter. VICTORY MACHINE "My team is almost like I used to call my (Premier League-winning) Chelsea team in 2004-05, a 'victory machine'. You always have a feeling you will win because the team is so strong." Mourinho also said he had a dream to complete a hat-trick of the three big championships in Europe. "One of my ambitions is to win the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga," he said. "One day I will go back to England because I love it (there) and one day I will go to Spain and win La Liga." Mourinho, who won the Champions League with Porto in 2004, said he would wait until much later in his career for an international coaching role. "A national team has to wait 15 years for me," he said. "I have too much energy. "Can you imagine me being a national team coach? Playing a game every month? Three weeks without a training session?"