Nigerian sentenced to lashes seeks transfer

KHARTOUM - Nigerian player Stephen Worgu, who was sentenced to 40 lashes in Sudan after being convicted of drunk driving, said on Monday he would move to Europe if he got a suitable offer.

"If there's an offer from Europe then I will (move)," Worgu told Reuters by telephone. "It's not like I want to kill myself here."

Worgu, 20, signed a contact with one of Sudan's top two clubs, Al Merreikh, last year. He was the top scorer in the 2008 African Champions League.

The Nigerian said he would not move to another club in Africa.

"But if it is (an offer) from Europe then it is a good opportunity to show off my talent," he said.

Worgu, a Christian, was convicted this month of drunk driving in Sudan, ruled by Islamic sharia law. He denies the charge and the sentence has been delayed pending an appeal.