Parreira: Ice broken, now for Uruguay

JOHANNESBURG, June 11 (Reuters) - Now all the stress of playing the opening match of the World Cup has gone, South Africa coach Carlos Alberto Parreira believes his side will have no fear in their remaining Group A matches.

"I believe the ice has been broken. The first game is always a lot of pressure for both teams," the Brazilian, taking part in his sixth World Cup, told reporters after a pulsating 1-1 draw against Mexico on Friday at the striking Soccer City stadium.

"Both teams tried to win and I believe in the next game the team will be more confident," he said, referring to his side's match against Uruguay on June 16 in Pretoria.

They later face France on June 22 in Bloemfontein.

"I think this group is very tough. The team that makes four points will qualify. We feel we are in this group stage until the very end," he added.

If Parreira's team was nervous during the game they certainly did not show it beforehand, singing and dancing in unison as they exited their bus in the confines of the enormous arena that resembles a cooking pot.

"It's a form of encouragement, to put the stress out. They love to sing, like the rugby players in New Zealand," Parreira said, smiling like a proud parent.