Police arrest 17 over Italian match fixing

Seventeen people, including former Atalanta captain and Italy midfielder Cristiano Doni, were arrested on Monday in connection with a match-fixing and betting scandal, police said.

The operation, called "Last Bet," was carried out in several cities in Italy following an investigation by magistrates in the northern city of Cremona.

Those arrested and accused of match fixing had contacts with criminal groups in Singapore and Eastern Europe, a police statement said.

The investigation was a follow-up to a previous one earlier this year by sporting authorities, which led to suspensions and bans for several players, including Doni.

They were accused of fixing at least two Atalanta matches last year when the team was in the second division.

A number of other players and former players from the second division were also arrested, as well as the manager of a seaside club and a former trainer for fourth division Ravenna.